Who Let Trump Happen?

It was a heartbreaking thing to watch Iowa Representative Steve King explain to MSNBC that white people made this country. Equally disturbing, was Trump telling FOX News that there is something up with Obama’s body language when he spoke about the shooting of police officers. To their credit, all three FOX anchors were pretty much left dead silent, mouths dropped, still as could be. Finally one squeaked out, “What do you mean by that?” His question sounded as if he were affronted by Trump’s insinuation that Obama believes white cops should be killed.

Wolf Blitzer interviewing a female politician at the convention yesterday, asked her what she thought about Trump’s comments on FOX. He played her that bit, while terrible music was being played behind so more terrible white conservative Trump supporters tried their best to dance. She said she couldn’t hear the soundbite because the music was too loud, but thought she got the gist of it. Her reply was that the world was waiting for Obama to say something about the police shootings, to show he was behind the police, to come up with solutions. Wolf, with decades of experience interviewing dimwits just let that one go. Because, after all, Obama has twice come out to support the police and their pain, even making a jaunt to the memorial service for the five slain men in blued in Dallas, speaking vehemently about the violence and tragedies in America. Supporting the police and their families, communities and our country.

How did we come to the point where we are allowing the people who always think this way become the mouth pieces ranting for racism and ignorance so acute it is nearly laughable? That is, if it weren’t so profoundly threatening to our future as our great country. A country that is already great. Respected across the world. Was it that great McCain mistake letting a Tea Party no-name Alaskan three-year serving governor take the prime time stage and open her snide, white rights, gun rights, mouth? Was it then, with her unmarried, pregnant teenage daughter standing next to her, the big hypocritical flag of the GOP? Was it then?

Or was it when Susan Sarandon, and her pre-Sanders minions, decided the time was right for a third party lead by Ralph Nader, of all people. The Green Party. The party that stabbed Gore in the back, and let all of us bleed – thousands truly – for the next 8 years under Bush. Was it then? When ironically the green party would have been better off with Al Gore and his champion to prevent and change Global Warning and the tragic effects of all our carbon footprints? Was it then when the democrats became so lax and lazy that we allowed all the hell Bush unleashed on us? War, depression, lower standards on everything across the board, and the ban lifted on Assault Rifles?

Or is it that we simply cannot get the truth of anything to register these days with people hell bent on taking back their white rights? From God knows where?

How did Donald Trump become the Republican Presidential nominee? Donald Trump, mind you. A failed business man with an ego so inflamed and a narcissism so revolting – bankrupt on all accounts – financially, morally, intellectually, emotionally – how did this mad get to the head of his class? We all know he taps into an-oh- so challenged white group, scared of their rights being taken away by nonwhites? Because nonwhites are not allowed to have the same rights. Seen over and over and over and over again. Black men can’t drive, can’t own guns legally, can’t vote, and are thrown away, while women of all color are not good enough to make equal pay regardless of the hard work and income needed for their families. We women are still a workplace lark, it seems.

We all are to blame, I suppose. Bush won by less than 2000 votes in a state run by his brother and riddled with so much fraud it was like confetti, or chads being thrown about, sticking to us, lodged in our collective hair for the next eight years. I went to bed knowing Gore won and my poor husband had to wake me a break the news that, Bush, had actually, somehow managed a victory. It was not a pleasant conversation. Yet, I wonder, where was the Democratic coup then? Where is it now? It is maligned with good intentions, I suppose. But good intentions – the idealistic belief that we can have a socialist government, or a truly progressive liberal party – has divided us Democrats twice now, (thrice, if we count Anderson) and created a stunningly open and clear path for hate and racism to march through and broaden.

While the mostly white liberals were prancing around Sanders and Nader, they neglected to comprehend the pitfall of their actions. I saw it a mile away. We couldn’t chance another Bush administration and, pleaded as I did, the progressives (of which all democrats are in theory) were too intent on their idealism to care what sort of world my children were going to live in. They could do that, you see, because both times now they are coming out of two terms of Democrat presidencies that have maintained the economy, created jobs, worked to make their white young lives better. Dare I say, matter? Because they have come to believe they matter so much that, again, others do not.

So they can rant and rave about Hillary voting for the Iraqi War, refusing to vote for her on some crazy principal, without seeing their own hypocrisy. You backed Nader. You are to blame. This time, out of the Sanders camp, the same amount of hatred towards Hillary as Trump has – although, I do not believe I have heard such misogynistic terms coming from Trump supporters as Bernie’s with Hillary supporters being called “old vaginas.” And Sanders doing nothing to stop them. By refusing to vote for Hillary, those Sanders’ supporters are down in the trenches, a long side Trump supporters, digging a wider and deeper gap between us as humanitarians and a civilized nation, and the scared white entitled man who will, indeed, bring us to levels I can’t even imagine.

I believe good will prevail in November. I believe it fully. But it is the nastiness, the outright ripping off of the necessary political correctness, a term which simply means respect for others, thus allowing unabashed freedom to be insensitive, act like fools and bigots. I know Trump will not be our president, but the grief is intense and nearly paralyzing watching him purposefully degrade and attempt to lead by unleashing a hatred never seen before in my lifetime.

I watch this failing of America, this dumbing-down, with tears and frustration because my beloved democrats are not uniting – and by doing so are losing the sliver of power, this few week window to vocally and vibrantly rail as one against this dangerous, dangerous man. To work together to remove him once and for all, and bury him with all of his bullying and hatred strewn at our feet. I realize so many people, my son included, who supported Sanders did so out of a want of change, of more change, of faster change for all. I am speaking to grown adults like Ms. Sarandon who, despite Bernie’s endorsement of Hillary, refuse to do the noble and right thing for our country. Such a shame.

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